Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taking a Break From Growing Vegetables

This year has been pretty rubbish for me for vegetable growing, mostly as a result of a lack of time and starting much too late. Anyway, having had a look around the garden as a whole I can see that it has got way out of control. Mostly, the leylandii hedges need to be seriously cut back as well as some other trees that need cutting back or felling altogether. My limited time has been focused on the vegetable garden which has meant that everything else has got out of hand.

So, I have made the radical decision not to grow any vegetables next year and instead to focus the rest of the garden instead. This will involve lots of chopping of wood and clearing of areas that are not currently serving any purpose.

The main byproduct of this will be lots of firewood. Most of this will be leylandii the bigger bits of which take a couple of years to properly season. But most importantly it will be free!

I have already started cutting one hedge, but as I it gets colder I will need to stop until the spring. It's a good job I have recently bought a new chainsaw!

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1 comment:

Tanya Walton said...

I wish you luck on getting all of your garden sorted. I think when things get too much it's good to cut back (no pun intended) and concentrate on what thing at a time so that you get a sense of accomplished rather than ending up overwhelmed. Have fun with that chainsaw!!