Friday, February 18, 2011

An Eventful Couple of Days

The last few days have proven to be somewhat eventful and indeed, well how can I put this...... messy! Things started on Wednesday evening when I came to shut up the chickens, goats and geese. No problems with the chickens and goats, but no sign of the geese anywhere. I searched the garden and could not see them anywhere, and neither could I find bits of goose from being eaten by a fox (sorry to raise that but that has to be the first thought when you can't find your geese). So by this time we were assuming that either they must have got out and wandered off, or they have been stolen. However, we eventually found them in the field at the back of amongst the brussels sprouts. There has been some harvesting in this field so it was very muddy and rounding them up was slippery and messy.

Later that evening I decided (for some reason) to tackle the fact that the downstairs toilet seems to be permanently blocked (apologies again for bringing this up, but it is all part of what has been happening in our life the last couple of days). So I lifted up the drain covers outside and found that the various waste was just not flowing anywhere. Now picture me trying to unblock the pipes with drain rods by torchlight. Very smelly and unpleasant. After a while of just not getting anywhere it suddenly dawned on me that we have not had the septic tank emptied in ages which explained the lack of flow. The following day we made a frantic call to the waste disposal company and fortunately they were able to come and sort us out today. A rather unpleasant crisis averted!

Last night my wife went out to see a friend and one of the tyres on her car blew out. No nasty accident fortunately. She called out the breakdown company to get her back on the road. The man arrived after half an hour and of course he asked for the wheel lock key. My wife had no idea what he was talking about until he described what it looked like. At this point it dawned on her that she had taken it out of the car after finding it and not knowing what it was thought it was a nice shape for doing some printing!!! Fortunately, I found it quickly in the porch and had to drive it down to her at speed before the breakdown man was called away to another job.

After settling down for the night and heading off for bed reflecting on the traumas of earlier, the quiet of the night was broken by the sound of our eldest son retching in the bathroom. It seemed that he had come down with a sickness bug. He then spent much of the rest of night vomiting!

Things can only get better!

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Signs of Spring?

The last couple of weekends I had good intentions of doing loads in the garden. However, with various other things going on it didn't quite happen. Last week I finished of mulching the veg plot. I then planted some garlic cloves. Technically I know I am either too late or too early. The best time is autumn to early winter, but the frozen ground prevented that this year. The next best time is early spring. Clearly, it is currently neither of those, but I thought it would give it a go anyway. I have read that a frost helps the garlic to split into individual cloves, and as frost was forecast, I hoped that this would do the trick. Sure enough, the next couple of nights were very frosty, so hopefully that should help.

This weekend I had originally hoped to do some repairs to the greenhouse that is largely held together by plastic sheeting. However, as we have had near gale force winds I decided that any attempt to do this would be doomed to failure. Instead I chopped a few logs to supplement our dwindling stock of firewood and did a bit of tidying up by the veg plot before I decided to call it a day, otherwise I think I may have been blown away! I decided that a spot of decorating was a far safer option.

During the course of my brief pottering about I spotted a few signs that maybe, just maybe, spring might be on its way.

This has felt like a very long winter, so maybe it is at last coming to an end and spring may at last take over. This will of course mean frantic seed sowing, and in preparation I bought my first batch yesterday in readiness and hoping that I will soon be able to get them started.