Friday, December 16, 2011

I've Started A New Blog

Yes, that's right I have started a new blog! It is again on the theme of self-sufficiency and I have called it Self-Sufficiency Life. Let me answer a few questions you may have.

What's the point of starting a new blog on self-sufficiency? Well I have learned a lot from this blog. But the main thing that I have learned is that the posts that people really want to read and get the most traffic are those that provide useful information. The emphasis of A Smallholder's Diary has tended to be around talking about what I have been doing. I did consider changing the emphasis of this blog to more useful stuff, but concluded that I would rather start afresh, especially as the title of the blog does not really reflect the direction that I want to go in. The intention is that Self-Sufficiency Life will provide (hopefully) useful information on self-sufficiency and eco-living.

What will the new blog cover? All aspects of self-sufficiency really. So growing vegetables and fruit, keeping chickens, recipes, pickling, preserving, green energy, crafty bits, recycling, and more.... I am intending that it will include useful information as well as news relevant to self-sufficiency and some posts designed to spark some debate.

What's with the clunky title? Well that in the end was down to the availability of domain names. I had originally bought, but then found that Dick Strawbridge has recently written a book by the name of Practical Self-Sufficiency, so I thought there was potential to land myself in some hot water. Self-Sufficiency Life was one of the few available alternatives.

What does this mean for A Smallholder's Diary? I am hoping to keep A Smallholder's Diary going alongside Self-Sufficiency Life, although I confess that my posting has been very erratic recently. In order to keep the two identities separate I will be focusing primarily on describing what I have been up to.

Self-Sufficiency is still in its early stages (at the time of writing I have published only two posts, although you will find a few guides published on static pages) but I am intending to grow it into a successful blog with a large regular readership. Why not pay it a visit and let me know what you think so far. Visit Self-Sufficiency Life here.

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allotments4you said...

Well I for one have enjoyed reading your blog and I am sure I will enjoy your new one too. I am just going over to check it out now.

allotments4you said...

I visited your other blog...but it wouldn't let me leave a kept saying 'Type in password'...but it gave me no password to type.
Below is the comment I wanted to write.
Well it certainly sounds like the last one is the easiest. Personally I go for the single dig method though I have been known to double dig in the past. This year however I am way behind and never got it all finished....maybe it will adopt one of the easier methods quick???

Mark said...

Hi allotments4you - Thanks for letting me know about the comment issue. I think it is something to do with an anti comment spam plugin I installed which doesn't seem to be compatible with the theme I am using. I have deactivated the plugin for now until I can figure out how to fix this so you should be able to leave comments now.

By the way, I also normally go for single dig. I am also way behind schedule - must get digging....