Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK!

Well I have finally bought myself a chainsaw. This one I bought on Preloved for the bargain price of just £40. Before I bought it my wife extensively Googled chainsaw accidents and found lots of grizzly tales. So as a result I have also bought some safety equipment as well - as I have managed to make a bit of extra money recently I had some money in my Paypal account so bought these on Ebay. The chainsaw looks quite old, but seems to work just fine and will be good enough for I want to do - it's not like I have a woodland to manage. Having said that I do have a couple of trees to fell that are starting to overhang the road a little. So far I am starting small and just chopping up the various branches etc. that I cut back with the bow saw earlier in the year.

I am hoping that with all that I have to cut up we will have nearly enough wood to see us through the winter, although having said that I am not sure that all I am cutting will be seasoned in time. The hardwood seasons considerably quicker than conifers which can take up to two year to be any good for burning for fuel.

I have only had a couple of goes so far, but I am feeling more confident with it already. The main problem I am having at the moment is that the chainsaw trousers are so thick that in this hot weather I am dripping with sweat in a matter of minutes. As a result the time I have spent has been much shorter than it would have been otherwise.

Anyway, the woodstore is building up nicely, and anything that needs to be left out to season will stack at the end of the garden and will be haven for wildlife.

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ken said...

I have used chainsaws for thirty years without indecent,but with some near misses.
the safety gear is great,you could try some chaps which covers the front but not the back.
Most accidents happen from moving trees,always make sure you know where to run or jump and throw the chain saw in the opposite direction.

Jane said...

My husband had a chainsaw and he loved it very much. One day he let me have a little go. I made a SUPERB job of cutting straight through the sawhorse. :(


allotments4you said...

I have to admit to being a little scared of chainsaws...this in mind I have never even attempted to use one but you look pretty safe in your 'get-up'!!

I don't think I really have a need for a chainsaw anyway....but I like to watch people felling the trees.

As for the warmth....just think of it as a major