Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greenhouse Repairs, Hedge Trimming, Potato Chitting and Lots of Rain

This weekend just gone I had good intentions of doing loads of useful things in the garden. The main thing I really had to make a start on was cutting back the hedges. We have several hedges all of which are getting very overgrown and the farmer who owns the field next door is starting to complain as it is starting to impede access for his tractors onto the field. The last time it was done we paid someone to do it for us. However, it is getting much too expensive, so I have bought a hedge trimmer attachment with the intention of doing myself. Unfortunately funds won't stretch to a chainsaw at the moment so I am stuck with cutting back the height by hand. This is a job that is going to take a very long time, so I will just have to do a bit at a time. The field was a bit of swamp with the recent rain so it was difficult to trudge my way through the mud to get to the back of the hedge. After dragging round a wheelbarrow, a couple of saws, the hedgetrimmer and a ladder round to the back I started on the hedge and it immediately started to rain. I persevered for a while and managed to cut it back a bit before the heavens opened and I had to admit defeat for the day.

On Sunday, I decided to leave the hedge and to make a start on repairing our improvised greenhouse. First I cleared it all out and put the spent compost in pots and growbags onto the compost heap. Then onto the repairs. This involved nailing up lots of plastic sheeting where panes of glass have fallen out. I don't want to replace the glass, partly because of the expense and partly because the greenhouse overall is quite rickety and I think I risk losing the glass as soon as I put it in. I just about managed to finish the greenhouse repairs before the heavens opened again with torrential rain and hailstones.

With no chance of doing anything outside the only useful thing I could do was to put out my seed potatoes out in egg trays to start chitting. I usually put them in the greenhouse, but because it is still pretty cold and damp out there I have decided to start them off in the porch. This year the potatoes I have bought International Kidney (otherwise known as Jersey Royal if grown in Jersey) and Majestic, neither of which I have tried growing before.

A bit of a frustrating weekend overall, but at least I got a few bits done.

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Fenland Textile Studio said...

you did well to start the hedge

allotments4you said...

I love cutting hedges...I find it very therapeutic!!

I don't bother 'chitting' my potatoes as such...they are in trays in the shed and I just let them get on with it.

A friend of mine grew international kidney last year and got a good yield from them although they were quite small...and I hate scraping potatoes.

The taste was nice although slightly different to the Jersey Royals but I guess this is due to soil composition.

Hope the weather behaves a bit better for you this weekend!