Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mid Winter Blues

I haven't been very good at posting recently. The primary reason for this is that the main theme of the blog is about my attempts at being self-sufficient and actually when it is as cold as it has been recently and the ground is frozen solid then there are serious limitations on what I can do. My good intentions of overwintering garlic and onions have been scuppered by the fact I can't even get a spade into the ground. Likewise, I can't harvest my parsnips and leeks, not without a pickaxe anyway!

There are some people who love the frost and snow, and although it looks quite pretty, I am definitely not one of them. In fact I am not really a winter person at all. I find myself pining for spring and steadily rising temperatures. Recently it has just been ridiculously cold - down below -10C at times which I think is colder than I have ever experienced previously. I know it that this is still warmer than Siberia or Scandinavia, but we are just not used to this in the UK and I am getting quite fed up with it now. We have at least missed out on the second wave of snow so far, but it is still darned cold. To make matters worse we are nearly out of heating oil in this old, poorly insulated house of ours, and we are not sure when the next delivery will be, so we are having to ration the heating. We are also running out of firewood, so we are having to ration that as well, although we are hoping our supplier can deliver in the next couple of days.

On top of all this, I am feeling rough - some sort of bug which seems to be heading to my chest. If it's not improved by tomorrow I will be off to the doc to see if there is anything they can do.

In a couple of days time though will be the winter solstice which I always think of as a reason for celebration. Nothing to do with sun worship, but just the knowledge that as that day passes each day will have a few minutes more sunlight and the countdown to spring will begin.