Monday, November 1, 2010

Using Up the Last of the Green Tomatoes

As it is getting colder now and it has to be said that my greenhouse (held together by bits of clear polythene) is not exactly well insulated, I came to the conclusion last week that my remaining green tomatoes were just not going to ripen. So I decided to pick them and find some sort of use for them. After a bit of research I decided that my options were:

1. Put in a drawer with an overripe banana. Apparently the banana emits a gas which encourages the tomatoes to ripen (which is why it is best not to keep bananas in your fruit bowl). However, I always worry that you will end up with tomatoes that taste of banana - not a nice thought!

2. Make some fried green tomatoes. However, I decided that mine were too small.

3. Make some green tomato chutney.

I decided to make some chutney and followed this green tomato chutney recipe which I won't reproduce here as that does not feel very fair. Many of the recipes that I found included cooking apples which as mine have already been cooked up and frozen was not very practical. However, this one doesn't and is very straightforward. What I had not anticipated was just how long it would take to reduce down to the right consistency - over two hours in all! This was the result:

As you can see, not exactly an impressive amount, just one and a bit jars! However, it does taste very good. I am told that it is not a good idea to use metal lids on jars when you make chutney as if it comes into contact with the metal it makes it go off. Something to do with the acidity of the vinegar I think. So in the absence of another alternative I put some greaseproof paper under the lids.

This was first truly successful attempt at making chutney, so I look forward to experimenting with more.

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allotments4you said...

If you don't put metal lids on then you don't get a seal which results in the contents going off anyway. I always use metal lids and then either waxed discs or greaseproof paper as you have without any problems.

Jordan F said...

Nice stuff here! I appreciate hearing your thoughts.