Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is It Me, Or Are Winters Colder Than They Used to Be?

At the moment we are knee deep in snow. Very picturesque, but darned cold! My recollection of winters past is that snow was a bit of a rarity, but now we seem to get it every year. What's more, this lot started at the end of November. Let me repeat that - AT THE END OF NOVEMBER!! That is just not supposed to happen. January, yes. February, perhaps. But not November.

Predictably everything has ground to a halt. So today I have had to work from home as my youngest son who attends a special school 35 miles away has had to stay at home, which he thinks is great. Here in the Lincolnshire Fens though there are no hills to slide down which is a major disadvantage.

The chickens are not impressed - they have just stuck their heads out of the house and decided to stay inside. The goats look rather bewildered by it all and just stand in the snow bleating rather pathetically. The geese find walking in the snow rather hard work, having to rest frequently as they sink into the snow with every step.

I am hoping that it won't last too much longer, but it just keeps coming and there is no sign of a thaw. So, is this going to be the pattern for winter now with prolonged (for the UK that is) periods of snow causing chaos? I suppose for many people around the world this is the norm. But I don't like it!!

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Damo said...

Not sure we'll ever get used to snow, everything seems to stop. Does it mean Scandanavian children stay home for months on end? I'm sure they're all at school whatever the weather.

hedgecombers.com said...

Ooh, I love it! Not enough snow down here in Cornwall for my liking but I am LOVING the blue skies and crisp days. I remember winters in the 70's being like this then it got all girly and wet in the 80's & 90's so perhaps it's just coming full circle :D

allotments4you said...

I remember lots of snow from when I was a kid but not so much in the last few years...I don't think the winters have got colder...just as cold as they used to be!!

Jo said...

Like your other commenters, I remember hard winters when I was a kid, then they seemed to ease off. Perhaps it's going to be the norm again to have snow before Christmas. My kids were sent home from school on Monday at 1.30 and they haven't been back since.