Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Approaching Autumn and Our First Walnut Harvest

We planted a walnut tree a few years ago with the hope that one day we might actually get some walnuts from it. Well this year we have finally had our first few.

 OK, so four is hardly enough to start a walnut whip factory, but it's a start!

Nuts falling from trees is another sign (if we needed one) that autumn is on its way. This year it feels that we are slowly and very gradually sliding towards autumn rather than a sudden drop in temperature that we get some years. All the signs are here that summer has left us; the swallows have left and flown south, the ground is permanently damp, the leaves are starting to turn golden brown and the days are getting shorter. However, today the sun was out and it almost felt like summer. I say almost as it was certainly not as warm and the sun was lower in the sky casting long shadows. But it certainly did not feel like mid October. I even still have tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse.

It feels that at some point soon temperatures will suddenly plummet and we will plunge into a frosty, or windy and rainy winter. This feeling is somewhat amplified by children (adverts on TV) mentioning that event that signifies for me mid winter, short days and long nights. I will say it very quietly so as not to panic you too much..... Christmas!!!

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Olly398 said...

They look great! Just the job for christmas! I take it you don't have a squirrel problem?

Mark said...

There are not many squirrels at all around here in the Fens!

Tanya Walton said...

I love walnuts....I wonder if I should think about planting some nut trees..everything I have is fruit at the minute which is great but a bit of variety would be nice. They are splendid looking walnuts!!

Janie said...

Yum, we're gonna be planting our first walnuts real soon too!