Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Make Blackcurrant Juice

While I have been having some frustrations on the veg plot, mostly due to my destructive chickens, the fruit bushes have proven to be particularly......well, fruitful. This is just what I picked today, and there is still more on the bushes.

The question is, what to do with it all. Well some of the blackcurrants I have made into blackcurrant juice to drink which ends up tasting remarkably similar to a well known brand you find in the shops. It is quite high in sugar, but you do need to dilute it quite a lot to drink it, and it is also high in vitamin C. This is how I make it:

  • Wash the blackcurrants and place in a pan with 300ml of water to every 500ml of fruit.
  • Bring to the boil and boil for one minute only.

    • Remove from the heat and drain through a fine sieve or some muslin catching the juice in another pan or container.

      • Measure the juice and add 300g of sugar to each 500ml of juice. Stir until dissolved.
      • To drink you will need to dilute according to your own particular taste.

      • If you want to freeze the juice, simply put into containers allowing 2.5cm headspace. You can keep frozen for up to a year.
      All I need now is some ideas as to what to do with the gooseberries and the loads of redcurrants I have. Any suggestions anyone?

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      Bonnie Story said...

      I do have a great gooseberry project that is wonderful: Gooseberry leather! Like fruit roll. It's a multi-step process. First place the rinsed gooseberries in a Victorio food mill, this will remove the stems and the pesky blossom-end fuzz on one step and produces clean, thick juice. Next put the juice into a pan and add some sugar to taste, some cinnamon to taste and pectin. Cook it down a while and then allow to cool. Pour the cooled thickened juice onto nonstick fruit leather sheets that sit on the shelves of a dehydrator (my neighbor has two Excelsiors, they are wonderful.) Dry the juice for around 18 hours and test, remove the dried pools of gooseberry leather and wrap up in plastic like fruit roll from the store - wonderful!!! Such rich flavor without all that cleaning and handling. Can't wait to do more!! said...

      I didn't have much of any fruit this year due to the fire so I decided to make a mixed berry has gooseberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and raspberries in it...I also added a bramble apple just because I had tastes delicious and you could make your own combination's. Also I love gooseberry jam...and gooseberry and apple crumble is good....then there is gooseberry flapjack tart, gooseberry and almond conserve and also gooseberry and elder flower fool though it may be a bit late for that one now...if you google 'gooseberry recipes' you'll be amazed what you find!!

      Sharkbytes said...

      Ooooh, gooseberries. We had a bush when I was a kid. I just loved them. I think mom made jam.

      Margaret said...

      I have made a lovely gooseberry & strawberry bake ( and if you want a truly define lemon drizzle cake with added redcurrants check out It is amazing!

      Damo said...

      Looks good, I need to plant more fruit bushes!

      Greenearth said...

      Have really enjoyed discovering your blog and would love you to share one of your posts at my new Meme We Can Wednesday.

      down comforter said...

      the juice looks great. One question though, is it a good thing to boil the berries? I heard you loose the Vitamin C, don't know if it is true.

      Anonymous said...

      on another website they have written a different way of making it and i have to admit this one is delicious my children spat the other one out and they love blackcurrant juice i have sent a comment to the other website and since i have put my comment lots of other people have put that theirs wasn't very nice ether so good luck

      p.s if you have a big family like me make sure you have enough because when my children looked at how much they had they all started fighting because they didn't have the same amount oops :~(

      Bushes said...

      I use a lot of fruits and put them in our juicer. They are delicious and taste very smooth and rich. The only thing that's difficult is straining the seeds from them.