Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Green Shoots of Recovery

No, nothing to do with the recession, but actually to do with the ash trees that I planted recently. Following the destruction that the chickens have been causing on the veg plot, to add to my frustrations one of the goats escaped about a week ago and decided to chew on three of my new trees. I was looking forward to writing a post about how they were springing to life, but instead I was left with three sad looking chewed up twigs that I assumed would die off and end up thrown on the wood pile rather earlier than anticipated. The picture isn't very good so I have labelled the tree so you can see it.

However, if you look very closely you can see that actually it is starting to recover and there are signs of growth. so maybe they will actually survive and grow into full size trees.

On another tree related issue, we planted a walnut tree a few years ago, but as yet it has yet to produce any nuts. We knew it would take a few years, but we were not sure how many. Anyway it looks like we might actually get a few this year.

I have only counted about six, but it's a start anyway.

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Jo said...

It looks like the ash tree will recover, naughty goat. How exciting to be able to harvest your own walnuts, they're my favourite nut but I've never had them fresh. said...

don't worry about the's amazing how resilient plant life can be....all my bushes have started to emerge after being totally incinerated by the fire....and the walnut tree is lovely.....remember to keep take progress pictures for us :-)

Flowering Pear said...

Oh thats really good recovery information Thank you

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Nice... green shoots!