Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet Poppy and Lily

Here are our two pygmy goats Poppy and Lily. Poppy is the brown one that is heading out of the picture and Lily is the grey one. I had to be quick to take the photo because they are so inquisitive that they won't just stand still and wait to have their photo taken, they have to come and see what you are doing. Lily can be quite naughty at times and likes to try and break things, particularly the fence and her shed. In fact I have had to do a temporary repair on their shed today where Lily had destroyed the plastic window! I need to buy some clear plastic so I can do it properly, but in the meantime I have propped up a sheet of plywood to cover the hole and keep out the rain.

The goats are just pets and don't contribute to our self-sufficiency efforts at all, except I suppose a bit of manure for the veg plot. When we got them I had grand ideas of milking them and making cheese - until that is I realised that we would have to obtain a male goat and the girls would have to have baby goats in order to produce milk. I quickly went off that idea.

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ga.farmwoman said...

Poppy and Lily are so cute. I also have pet goats.
My goats used to get into everything but have improved with age.
They also are great lawn/weed
Have a great day.

Kathy said...

Love them! They are so cute!

I have a blogging award for you over at my blog if you'd like to stop by and pick it up. =)

Khyle Dean said...

Goats are pretty cool, I wouldnt mind having some for the milk process. That could be valuable.